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Since 1993, NTS Promedia has been Nashville's primary source for Analog Tape and Professional Grade Hard Drives.  Servicing studios ranging from Music Row big timers to your neighbor's basement, we've got what you needia!  We are the only company in the area that fully stocks analog tape & firewire hard drives.  We also carry an assortment of studio supplies - gaffe & console tape, flash drives, head cleaner, swabs, demagnetizers, blank CDs & DVDs, cases, labels, etc.

NTS is also a CD & DVD manufacturer.  With full in-house Replication & Duplication capabilities at our Chattanooga plant, we can meet any demand from 100 pieces to 50,000 piece distribution orders.  We offer various print methods, Retail Ready Jewel Cases, Digipaks, and Sleeves.  Allow us to offer a quote to save you money today!

NTS Promedia 
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